Paraben & Aluminum Free Deodorant Alternatives

Unless you've been living under a rock, there's no doubt that you've either read or heard about the dangers of aluminum and parabens in deodorants. Studies have linked it to possible causes of cancer, Alzheimer's Disease and other serious health consequences. While the notion that they are dangerous is still up for debate, that hasn't stopped people from seeking out paraben and aluminum free deodorant alternatives.

There are several products that market themselves as being chemical free or all natural. Rather than getting into specific products, I'm going to talk about specific ingredient alternatives that are both effective and natural remedies. People often are hesitant to turn to natural alternatives, but in reality they can be just as if not more effective than their artificial counterparts.

Chlorophyll - A unique deodorant alternative, chlorophyll works internally to absorb odor compounds inside the body. This makes it an effective solution for not just body odor, but bad breath and foot odor as well. Chlorophyll is taken from plants and doesn't have any artificial chemicals added to it.

Tea Tree Oil - A very popular ingredient in both natural deodorants and homemade remedies as well. Tea tree oil is a very powerful antioxidant and antibacterial extract.

Aloe Vera - Has many uses including healing, moisturizing and overall skin health, aloe is also an antibacterial and helps to control microbial growth.

Coconut Oil - A natural antibacterial agent with a nice tropical scent!

Sage Tea - This tea extract is thought to reduce sweat gland activity and lessen perspiration.

Baking Soda - A sodium bicarbonate otherwise known as nacolite in its natural form. It has the ability to break down odor causing proteins as well as maintain a balanced pH level of the skin. This is very helpful as a method to control bacteria growth.

Alternatives To Conventional Deodorants

The standard stick, roll on or spray deodorant is probably one of, if not the most common means of preventing body odor. Easy to put on and relatively inexpensive, it provides both an effective and cheap way to not stink. However, many of these products aren't for everyone. It is estimated that around 15% of the population are allergic to various ingredients contained in many of these products. In addition, lifestyle choices could play a role in determining what you chose to put onto or in your body.

For these people, finding a good deodorant alternative or a natural deodorant that doesn't contain allergy inducing chemicals can be difficult. In more recent times, people have started to make their own deodorants using a few common household ingredients such as baking powder, corn starch and baby powder.

If you aren't a DIY'er, one great alternative to common deodorant products are chlorophyll supplements. There are a few designed specifically to fight odor. Chlorophyll provides several benefits. It does not contain aluminum or parabens; both are are common reason for many allergic reactions. Also, because it does not contain any aluminum or parabens it could fall into the all natural deodorant category. In fact, chlorophyll supplements contain no artificial ingredients. It's all straight from nature!

Keep Bad Breath Away While On The Go

Life can be hectic. With so many things to do and so little time to do it, seems like we are always on the go. One of the things we neglect is how our breath smells. Sure we can chew a stick of gum or pop a mint, but we all know it isn't long before we need to eat another, and another.

Bad breath causes can creep up on you at anytime, when you least expect it and at the most inopportune moment. It's not for lack of hygiene; much of what happens during the day can affect breath odor through no fault of your own. Something as simple as talking to much or that delicious chicken pasta that you had for lunch all contributes to what your breath smells like.

A few simple and easy tips, practiced throughout the day can ensure this unwanted malodor is a thing of the past.

Drink Plenty of Water - Drinking water throughout the day can accomplish three things; moisten the mouth, cleanse the body and wash away things that cause bad breath. A moist mouth creates a less than ideal environment for bacteria to live in. It works in a similar fashion as saliva in that it also helps to wash away food and other protein particles that bacteria feed on.

Chlorophyllin supplements - This natural, internal deodorant works by absorbing odor causing compounds inside the body. A big contributor to bad breath are compounds released from foods that you eat. Chlorophyllin is able to bind to these compounds and get rid of them before you breathe them onto the person in front of you. Studies have shown that up to 200mg of chlorophyllin per day is sufficient enough to reduce odors for a full 24 hour period.

Brush your tongue - The human tongue has tiny groves on the surface. Food particles, bacteria and other protein particles get stuck in them and on the surface. The tongue is actually the biggest source of bad breath. Brushing your tongue in the morning and night will help to remove these nasty little hitchikers and keep your breath fresh.

Listen, don't speak - Has anyone ever called you a motor mouth? Excessive and constant talking tends to dry the mouth. As previously mentioned a dry mouth is ideal for bacteria. Sometimes it's better to just keep quiet. Your breath and those around you will thank you.

Mind your meals - Food is a major contributor to bad breath. Certain foods such as garlic, meat, dairy, beans, egg and certain spices contain sulfide compounds and other stinky molecules. These odor particles are released as food is broken down in the body and absorbed into the organs and blood. They then travel and get spewed out of your mouth as you talk.

Bottom line, be mindful of certain things that you do or don't do during the day and it can save you the trouble of having to keep reaching for a tic tac. These little steps add up and when mindful attention is paid, it can go a long way towards ensuring your breath isn't a source of concern.

Ladies, How to Stay Fresh The Natural Way

Feminine hygiene is something that every woman is concerned about in some form or another. I mean let's face it, nobody wants 'that' to smell bad. Generally bathing and a simple cleaning using soap and water is sufficient, but there are times when that isn't enough.

There are several feminine hygiene products out there that are intended to keep things in order below the waste. Some good, some not so good. There are even home remedies that you can create yourself using common everyday things found in most homes.

Personally, I find things like washes, wipes and sprays a little inconvenient and at times messy. Also, I don't really care for the fragrances of some of the things that I've tried... it's a bit harsh for my liking. My preference is that there is no smell at all, or rather no worry of smell.

I found a product online called Body Mint Lady. It's a pill that is suppose to work for feminine odor. It's also formulated with vitamin D and calcium. It's made from chlorophyllin and is supposed to be made for a women. It also is suppose to work on body odor and bad breath, but I don't really see myself as having an issue with either of those.

Anyway, I tried a bottle that I purchased from their website. Came fairly quickly, in about 3 days. At first glance the packaging is pretty, and the pills are coated in a pretty blue shell. Smells a bit like soap to me, but it's a dietary supplement, not candy so it didn't bother me much.

Instructions say to take it twice a day. After about a week or so I did notice a definite change in not only the odor down there, but my breath as well. Not that I have bad breath, but just throughout the day sometimes it can get stale. After using the Body Mint I didn't really have that feeling.

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