Alternatives To Conventional Deodorants

The standard stick, roll on or spray deodorant is probably one of, if not the most common means of preventing body odor. Easy to put on and relatively inexpensive, it provides both an effective and cheap way to not stink. However, many of these products aren't for everyone. It is estimated that around 15% of the population are allergic to various ingredients contained in many of these products. In addition, lifestyle choices could play a role in determining what you chose to put onto or in your body.

For these people, finding a good deodorant alternative or a natural deodorant that doesn't contain allergy inducing chemicals can be difficult. In more recent times, people have started to make their own deodorants using a few common household ingredients such as baking powder, corn starch and baby powder.

If you aren't a DIY'er, one great alternative to common deodorant products are chlorophyll supplements. There are a few designed specifically to fight odor. Chlorophyll provides several benefits. It does not contain aluminum or parabens; both are are common reason for many allergic reactions. Also, because it does not contain any aluminum or parabens it could fall into the all natural deodorant category. In fact, chlorophyll supplements contain no artificial ingredients. It's all straight from nature!

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