Paraben & Aluminum Free Deodorant Alternatives

Unless you've been living under a rock, there's no doubt that you've either read or heard about the dangers of aluminum and parabens in deodorants. Studies have linked it to possible causes of cancer, Alzheimer's Disease and other serious health consequences. While the notion that they are dangerous is still up for debate, that hasn't stopped people from seeking out paraben and aluminum free deodorant alternatives.

There are several products that market themselves as being chemical free or all natural. Rather than getting into specific products, I'm going to talk about specific ingredient alternatives that are both effective and natural remedies. People often are hesitant to turn to natural alternatives, but in reality they can be just as if not more effective than their artificial counterparts.

Chlorophyll - A unique deodorant alternative, chlorophyll works internally to absorb odor compounds inside the body. This makes it an effective solution for not just body odor, but bad breath and foot odor as well. Chlorophyll is taken from plants and doesn't have any artificial chemicals added to it.

Tea Tree Oil - A very popular ingredient in both natural deodorants and homemade remedies as well. Tea tree oil is a very powerful antioxidant and antibacterial extract.

Aloe Vera - Has many uses including healing, moisturizing and overall skin health, aloe is also an antibacterial and helps to control microbial growth.

Coconut Oil - A natural antibacterial agent with a nice tropical scent!

Sage Tea - This tea extract is thought to reduce sweat gland activity and lessen perspiration.

Baking Soda - A sodium bicarbonate otherwise known as nacolite in its natural form. It has the ability to break down odor causing proteins as well as maintain a balanced pH level of the skin. This is very helpful as a method to control bacteria growth.

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